The Duty To Report Payment Practices 
What you need to know and how to prepare

  • As of April 2017, large UK companies have had to start reporting on their payment practices. In this paper, we explore what the requirements are, what you need to prepare for, and the benefits of getting you payment practices in order, beyond just compliance.

  • Answering many questions such as "Who is required to report?", "What must be reported?", and "What trends are you seeing as companies move to prepare for the Duty to Report?" as well as supporting you with advice on how to ensure compliance, how to change your practices, and which practices are causing the problems in the first place.
  • You will also find a deep dive into the benefits caused by complying with this legislation including freeing up your AP team, capturing early payment discounts, and using analytics to drive improvements.


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It's easy to lose track of all the established, new and emerging technologies that are transforming finance processes, especially in Accounts Payable.

It's also easy to get a bit put off by the hype surrounding RPA, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics.

The reality is that these technologies are making a difference to AP processes, and are not only helping with effective management of supplier invoices, but also mitigating against loss and fraud.

  • Learn how technology is evolving in the AP environment.
  • Recognise the disruptive technologies that can add value to your business.
  • Hear how one global company has invested and is seeing a real, tangible difference to their AP process.
  • Gain insight into how ITESOFT has integrated the latest technology to bring benefit to the Finance function.

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