|Car Glass decreases litigation by digitalising customer files


Productivity gains

1 week

exchange gain in cash flow


Tenfold reduction in storage costs

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“ We have between 90 to 95% of documents automatically identified and about 90% that are automatically indexed 


Axel Brochard, Development Manager

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Car Glass digitalisation project

 Car glass remove, repair and replace any glass that’s damaged on your vehicle and then invoice the cost’s associated to various insurance companies but coverage by insurance companies will only be granted when there is proof that the glass was repaired. Before using ITESOFT, they ran with a very decentralised process and used courier service to circulate the files between various establishments. Using this method affected the companies as it gave them lack of traceability, a long document access time and there was a huge risk of document loss which consequentially damaged the company’s cash flow.


By choosing ITESOFT, Car Glass have digitalised all of the proof of service documents in all of the centres. All documents are now automatically classified and a check of completeness is automatically done to ensure all the documents are correct

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